Cemetery Residents

Family HistoriesAs a starting point for this website we used information from a book published by the Carroll County Genealogical Society titled, "Carroll County Ohio Cemeteries, Carroll County 1802-1990." The cemetery was divided into five sections labeled "A", "B", "C", "D" and "E". The original cemetery contains Sections A, B, and C, while the Crawford Addition contains Sections D and E. Members of the Genealogical Society went through each section, numbered each row, and then numbered the tombstones located in each row.

Since this book was published in 1990 there have been many burials in the original cemetery and in the Crawford Addition.  Some of those have already been added on the original website, and the remaining burials will be added during the redesign of this website.

We have a copy of the cemetery burial records (which are not complete since there was no documentation until 1909). We are comparing those records with the stones recorded by the Carroll County Genealogical Society. There are many burials recorded in the cemetery records in which no tombstone exists. We will work on adding the names of those people buried in unmarked graves. We do not, however, know where many of these individuals are buried.

Finding unmarked burials before 1909 is more difficult.  Other sources have been used to determine who is buried in the Augusta Cemetery, and at times, we'll assume someone is buried there just because it only makes sense.  If that is the case, it will be noted on that person's individual page.

The original cemetery is not plotted with any numbering system for lots. However, the Crawford Addition, opened in the late 1960’s, is mapped into Quadrants and Lot numbers. We have prepared maps for Section D and Section E using the lot numbers assigned.  These maps can be found in the "Maps" section of this website.